The Historically Great Performer


Clarity received a call from a CEO and a VP of HR who were at their wits end over the deteriorating performance of a longtime, key employee; an important cog in the wheel of overall company productivity.

They confronted, cajoled, and threatened… all to no avail. They wanted Performance Coaching for her and they wanted it now! They needed her to return to her previous, highly dependable level of performances, and turnover.


Although often invisible, people and their needs evolve over time. Often invisible as well, job content can migrate dramatically over time even if the job title remains the same.

In this case, the employee had come to the job of Operations Supervisor at 35: she was brilliant at her work, ambitious, and loved the fact the company was flexible enough to occasionally accommodate her role as a single parent.

Now 50, her children were grown and gone. Work held a different place in her life and the job content had changed dramatically.

Increasing automation, changes on company product lines, distribution methods, and staff size transformed her work from people-focused to predominantly process-focused.

Performance Coaching was not the answer. Both the employee’s needs and the job had changed resulting in a job/person mismatch. The employee was torn between her own, current needs and the feeling of being disloyal to the company.


  • Interviews with employee, peers, and staff;
  • Creation of Clarity about how her needs and the demands of the job had changed;
  • Career Coaching;
  • Re-examination of the current job and the ideal candidate for the job;
  • Redefining the Operations Supervisor job, promotion of a new OS for whom the match was ideal, finding another job that was a better fit for the employee and the company; and
  • Elimination of the many hidden and direct costs of an extended job/person mismatch.