Creating Income Streams of Your Own


Let’s face it. Jobs are no longer the single standard for successful work-for-pay or for careers.


  • Freelancing, entrepreneurial work, the gig economy, and other forms of work-for-pay are on the rise.
  • If you are 23 and working on career planning, it’s important to consider ALL your alternatives.
  • Maybe you would prefer one or more income-generating options as opposed to one big, all encompassing job.
  • If you are 43 and securely employed, it may be a great time to start your own part time business in addition to your employment.


  • Starting an income stream at 43 can be a big part of engagement, vitality, and financial security at 63 or 73 when retirement funding or social security or savings might not be enough to pay for your longer-than-expected life span.
  • If you are 68 and can suddenly see the possibility that you are going to outlive your money AND you don’t want or need to work full time AND a combination of age discrimination and your outdated skills make employment unlikely, it’s definitely time to consider all your options in creating one or more additional income streams.
  • Limiting your possibilities to Jobs is like closing one of your eyes and seeing only half the possibilities.