Best Fit Employment



Clarity received a call from an entrepreneur/CEO. She had grown her company from startup to $17 million in sales. To her surprise she found her company was stalling.

Her team had achieved much more than they imagined. They had failed to pay enough attention of the company’s career and their own in the face of daily tasks. What could the company – themselves and their employees aspire to next?

Everyone wanted to stay and progress. Few had the burning ambition they shared when they began.


Yes, it’s true. Companies come to career choices and crossroads just like people do. It’s really exciting to build something new from scratch.

Every great career comes to crossroads. Exit and perpetuation strategies are essential for the senior leaders AND the company itself because in these days of continuous and discontinuous change nothing lasts forever.


Clarity worked with the CEO and all of the senior leaders to build a career plan for the Company as well as individual career plans for the participants.

The Company would go on but now with all of the same players. Ambition and direction were defined for the company itself. Several of the participants, all long term employees, discovered to their surprise that their plans included moving on now because they shared the timing of the Company’s career crossroads in their own professional lives.

The process also reinvigorated several others. A new team – comprised of some long time talent and some new blood – was created to launch and execute the next career stages.



Clarity was contacted by a couple in their late 50s. The wife continued to be employed as an analyst by major American financial corporation. With the company’s increasing reliance on technologies for analyses and big data trends, she could see the time coming that her skills and position might not be required. The husband had recently taken an early retirement separation package from his

The husband had recently taken an early retirement separation package from his long term employer and was looking for a job similar to the one he left. They knew they needed to work another 10 or more years to be in a financial position to retire.


Few people in their late 50s who leave their employment in the middle ranks of large corporations are going to find comparable jobs with comparable responsibilities at comparable pay. Why? Because the very style of operating companies is changing. Collaborative leadership among more junior people is growing.

Technologies are growing. Top down leadership (at least in the middle ranks) is disappearing. Middle management is increasingly seen as overhead and blocks to real progress.


Clarity first encouraged the couple to visit their financial planner and make sure they knew every single number about all of their assets and liabilities. They had to own their financial future more than any other single person. Then we pursued a course of 1. Research and 2. Search.

They had both assumed they would know what to do including job search. What they had never considered was the possibility that “jobs” might or might not be available. Research look like assessing their interests and working preferences, tolerance for risk, spontaneity, and long term commitment.

What kinds of business opportunities – jobs, consulting, buying into a company, starting a company, working part time and other combinations. Then they went out to meet and interview people who had made similar choices and were ahead of them in the process.

Finally they came back to Clarity with all their data and we put it together as a team. Search looked like finding the possibilities that MOST matched their interests and aptitudes. We encouraged them not to rush into any given choice.

They elected to do a “test the water” approach, the husband working part time in 2 different businesses and the wife working one weekend a month in another. With their first taste on work that wasn’t in a huge corporate environment, they realized they had even more possibilities than they thought AND put together a business/life plan for themselves without help. Then they moved into execution.